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The Best Time of the Year to Propose & Most Popular Ways to Do It

The Best Time of the Year to Propose & Most Popular Ways to Do It

When do you think is the most popular time for marriage proposals? Is it in the spring when love is in the air? Or the summer with its long warm days, breathtaking weather and seemingly endless opportunity? Or during the beautiful colours of fall? In fact, according to many sources, winter is the most popular time of the year for marriage proposals. One-third of all marriage proposals happen between US Thanksgiving in November and Christmas Day. And that statistic doesn't even include Valentine's Day in February, which is a very popular day to pop the question. According to one survey, Christmas Eve is the most popular day to get engaged, followed by Valentine's Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. There are likely a number of reasons why winter engagements are so popular. First of all, there are several holidays and special occasions around this time, making it a convenient to take a few days off to plan the engagement and to celebrate together afterwards. Plus, you'll probably be meeting up with friends and family often during this time, so including your loved ones in your engagement bliss is much more convenient. Proposing in the winter is also practical as it gives you time to plan for a summer wedding. So, now that you know the time, what about the method? What is the most popular way to propose? There are a few ways that stand out.  

Popular Ways to Pop the Question

Marriage Proposals ChampagneA Restaurant on Valentine's Day One very popular way to ask someone for their hand in marriage is proposing at a restaurant, especially on Valentine's Day. Arranging to have the ring come out with dessert or champagne is a classic engagement that you'll be telling people about for years to come. Under the Tree Another popular way to pop the question is with a special present under the tree. Wrap the ring in a series of boxes so she won't be able to tell what it is. Then watch the anticipation grow as she opens box after box until she finally finds the ring. As the Ball Drops Why not wait until the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve to get on one knee and ask her to marry you? This way your engagement is guaranteed to be accompanied by fireworks, champagne and cheers. These ideas are all classic methods that will make your engagement story a timeless one she'll be proud to share with all of her friends and family. However, it's important that you propose in a way that suits her as a person. For example, if she's not a very public person, it might not be a good idea to propose in a restaurant full of strangers. You want her to feel comfortable and loved and she may not be able to do that in a public place. Whatever you choose to do and however you choose to propose, wedding proposals are certainly magical moments and your will be one that you will never forget.

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