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The Perfect Fall Wedding

The Perfect Fall Wedding

Fall is a beautiful time to have a wedding. A fall wedding is great because weather has cooled down, so you won’t have to sweat it out in a big dress or a full suit. Plus, the changing colours make a perfect backdrop for stunning photos. Want to empress your friends and family and blow all of their weddings out of the water? Here are a few tips that will help you make your fall wedding the most memorable.  

Create an Epic Fall Theme

The most obvious fall wedding theme is brightly colored leaves. However, there are other fall looks that you can draw inspiration from such as apple orchards, pumpkins, plaid, and even Halloween! We’ve seen Halloween-themed weddings where everyone celebrates in costume! If this is your style, go for it! You can even create custom wedding rings to showcase your theme if you'd like.  

Think Outside Orange

If you love orange, then go nuts with it! But, just because your wedding is in the fall, it doesn’t mean all the décor needs to be orange and brown if you don’t want it to be. Deep plum, muted pink, gold, purple, red and green can all be incorporated into a fall wedding with ease and are a great way to show off your sense of style.  

Know That It Could Snow

While bad weather is always a possibility for any wedding, fall weather can be especially unpredictable. You can end up with a sunny and warm October day, but it’s nearly as likely that it could be bitterly cold. There could even be snow! This means you want to have alternate arrangements if you’re thinking of having an outdoor reception or ceremony. Getting married in the fall foliage can be magical. Getting married in a sudden snowstorm… not so much. Also keep in mind that travel can be tough for guests if it’s raining or snowing, so make sure to consider this when you’re planning. Showing that you care about keeping your guests comfortable, warm and happy goes a long way to making sure they love your wedding.  

Keep Warm

latte-heart-fall-wedding-engagementEven if your wedding happens to occur on a bright and sunny day, it often gets cool at night. Set out blankets and scarves for guests in case the temperatures drop and create a “warming station” that serves seasonal coffee and tea drinks as well as apple cider. Imagine a wedding with pumpkin spice lattes! You’ll be the talk of your social circle! As the bride, don’t forget about keeping yourself warm – along with your wedding party. Everyone should bring a stylish sweater or shawl that goes with their dress just in case. Or, show how much you care and get matching cardigans for the whole wedding party. This will wow theme!  

Delight with Fall Food

Pumpkin pie! Apple pie! Cranberry sauce! There are so many great fall foods that you’ll simply have to include some of them in your fall wedding! Who wouldn't be jealous of a wedding with pumpkin pie!?

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