The Latest Wedding Proposal Trends

The Latest Wedding Proposal Trends

Planning your engagement? Today, people are being more creative and thoughtful with their proposals than ever before. This is a huge moment, so why not make it as memorable as possible? Looking for some ideas on how you can make your engagement magical? Here are a few trends.

"Secret" Photography

One of the latest engagement proposal trends is to take a photo or video of the actual moment that you propose. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you can never accurately duplicate. Some people get a photo by setting up a hidden camera somewhere and others use friends or family members to capture the moment. One fun way is to put the camera on a tripod, put your camera on a timer and suggest that the two of you take a photo together. Right when the photo is about to take, propose. You'll capture the moment perfectly.  

Walks Down Memory Lane

walking-couple-engagement A popular proposal trend these days is to take your significant other on a "walk down memory lane" before you propose. For example, start with lunch at the diner where you planned your first weekend getaway together, then walk through the park where you had your first kiss, follow it up with dinner at the restaurant where you went on your first date and propose on the beach where you first met. This is an incredibly romantic way to begin the next chapter of your life together.  

Custom Engagement Rings

An excellent way to truly make your engagement one of a kind is to design a custom engagement ring. More and more people are going this route as they strive to give a ring that is outside of the ordinary. When you create your own custom ring, you get a one of a kind engagement ring that your significant other will treasure for a lifetime.  

Made for Social

selfie-engagementYou'd have to be living under a rock to not know that social media is a huge part of modern life. Since an engagement is obviously a big part of a person's life, it just makes sense that it's also a big part of their online life too. A current trend is to come with a fun way to share that you just got engaged. A lot of people now create fun signs with sayings like "She said yes" or "Mr. & Mrs." that they can hold up for the camera in order to celebrate their proposal and share the moment with their social networks. Others create a fun story through a series of photos that ends with them celebrating their engagement. Of course, no modern engagement is complete without a selfie and a nice photo of the ring!  

Involving Family and Friends

More and more people are sharing their proposal with those they care about, not just their significant other. They secretly invite those who mean the most to them to hide somewhere nearby and pop out to congratulate the happy couple as soon as she says yes. This can turn your engagement into an impromptu celebration.

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