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The Guide to Giving Gifts to your Bridesmaids

The Guide to Giving Gifts to your Bridesmaids

You’re getting married! It’s incredible. However, you’ve probably already realized that putting together a wedding is a lot of work! There’s so much to do and it involves a ton of planning, organization, and hours and hours of work. It’s a good thing that you have your bridesmaids, right?


Your bridesmaids are your best friends and maybe even your family. They’re people who have been by your side for years and who mean the world to you. They’ve gotten you through the wedding planning process, helped you make decisions, calmed you down when necessary, and generally have done whatever you needed them to do for this entire process.


Your bridesmaids have worked hard. They’ve likely spent money on dresses and hair styling and make-up too. They’re probably also planned your bachelorette party and your wedding shower. They’ve done it all because they love you. Now it’s time to thank them.


Here are some tips and ideas for great bridesmaid gifts that they’ll treasure forever.


Personalized Gifts


Bridesmaids gifts that are engraved or embroidered with the names or initials of your bridesmaids are popular and with good reason. People appreciate gifts that are personalized and that are just for them. Plus, they’ll always remember when they received the gift and what it stands for, so there’s special meaning attached to it.


Consider jewelry, handbags, wallets, cell phone cases, glassware, or just about anything else. You can get these items personalized at a number of different places and your bridesmaids will certainly appreciate the unique touch. Think about what items your bridesmaids would really love and then get these. Be creative! You can get the same gifts for everyone in your wedding party, or different ones for each person, it’s up to you. If you feel like your bridesmaids would all appreciate the same gifts, go for it, but if you think they’d like individual gifts instead, then take that route. Just make sure that all of the gifts are of similar value and sentiment, so that no one feels like someone has received something better than the rest.




There are many benefits to tangible gifts. They’re something that you can feel and touch and hold and look at. They’re gifts that your bridesmaids can keep for a long time and that will always remind them of your special day. However, giving your bridesmaids an experience instead of a physical gift is also a great option that many people like.


Take your girls out for a fancy dinner at a restaurant you’ve all wanted to go to for a long time. Visit a salon or a spa for a day of relaxation and pampering. Head out on a daytrip or a girls’ night together and celebrate. Make sure that gift that you give is something unique, not a typical Saturday night out. If you give your bridesmaids a unique and different experience, it’s one that they will treasure forever.




Jewelry is an excellent bridesmaid gift. Now you don’t need to go out, break the bank, and pick up thousands of dollars of jewelry if you don’t want to (of course, you can and your bridesmaids will likely appreciate it). You can find many wonderful jewelry gifts that don’t overwhelm your already strained budget. Why not check out our collection of stunning pendants and look for some choices your girls will love?


Custom Albums


This is a special gift that may take some time to put together, but one that your bridesmaids will certainly adore. Take photos of the various moments that happen during your wedding planning. For example, snap some pictures of your friends trying on their dresses, making wedding favors, tasting cakes, etc. Also take pictures of all the events leading up to your wedding, such as dinners, nights out, bachelorettes, wedding showers, and whatever else that happens.


Then put these photos together and have custom photo albums printed for everyone in your wedding party. You can even some older photos of you and your bridesmaids together to show how your friendship had progressed over the years. This will be a gift that your bridesmaids will never forget and that they will cherish always.

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