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The Hottest Wedding Ring Trends

The Hottest Wedding Ring Trends

When it comes to buying wedding bands, many couples find themselves confused and overwhelmed. There are so many options out there and you might be wondering which wedding bands are right for you and worried about how you'll ever decide. To help you out, here are a few of the top wedding ring trends right now so you can get an idea about what’s popular these days.


Different Metal Colors


White metals, such as white gold and platinum, are still among the most popular metals for wedding bands. However, these days, metals such as yellow gold and rose gold are making a comeback. In addition, one of the biggest wedding ring trends of the last few years is combining different metals in one design.


Stacked Rings


Stackable wedding bands are a great way to add some variety and personality to your look. This is where you combine two, three or more rings on your left ring finger to create a unique and powerful look. Many people include their engagement ring in the stack in order to make this look truly pop. Stacking rings amplifies the overall appearance of your rings and you can even change the stack to suit your mood!


You can make the decision to go with stacked rings right from the start, but stacking your rings also allows you to add to your collection as time passes. Some people choose to add a ring for their tenth anniversary or the birth of a child, for example.


This method gives you another opportunity to mix metals. In the past, brides-to-be would almost always choose a wedding ring made from the same type of metal as their engagement ring. However, one of the most recent wedding ring trends is selecting a ring that’s different, such as a rose gold wedding ring paired with a platinum engagement ring. This gives you a very distinctive look and style.


Multiple Diamonds


In the past, people may have chosen to go with a single diamond on their wedding band. However, modern wedding ring trends often go with multiple diamonds. Eternity bands are very popular as are five stone diamond rings. A ring such as our Vintage Pave and Claw-set Diamond Band is a perfect example of this trend.


Unique Shapes


More and more people are choosing rings that aren’t strictly circular. This includes rings such as our Tapered Diamond Wedding Band as well as our Knife-Edge Diamond Wedding Band. Moving away from the traditional completely circular ring gives you a more contemporary look that attracts attention wherever you go.


Designing your own Custom Wedding Rings


One big trend is designing your own custom wedding rings. This allows you to get exactly what you’ve always wanted. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have a look that is unlike anyone else’s and one that truly means something to you and your partner. Not all jewelers offer custom ring design but, at Damasci, our custom design studio can help make your dream a reality.

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