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Making Sure She’s Surprised by your Engagement

Making Sure She’s Surprised by your Engagement

If you’re planning on getting engaged, there’s a lot to do! You’ll need to come up with a plan, determine a setting, schedule everything and, of course, buy the perfect engagement ring. Everything that you need to do can get pretty stressful and complicated, and that’s even before you factor in that you’ll want to keep your engagement a surprise!


An engagement surprise isn’t a necessity, but many people like to catch their loved one off guard with an unexpected engagement. There’s nothing quite like seeing the look in someone’s eyes when they realize what’s going on and when they first see the ring. This is a moment that you will keep with you forever.


So how do you keep your engagement surprise without your loved one finding out? Here are a few tips for keeping your proposal a secret:


Don’t Tell Anyone


Yes, it’s tempting to tell your friends, her friends and your respective families before you propose. But, if you really want to keep your proposal secret, you won’t tell anyone. If you do tell someone, limit who you tell to the most trustworthy and, remember, the more people who know, the more likely it will slip out somehow.


Don’t Alter Your Routine Too Much


You may have an elaborate proposal planned but, if you ask her to drop everything and do something completely out of the ordinary, she might realize that something is up. Try to come up with a way to fit your proposal into your everyday lifestyle. This will help keep your engagement surprise until you’re ready to pop the question.


How to Get the Engagement Ring


One of the toughest aspects of keeping your engagement secret is picking out the ring. While you’ll want to make sure that you don’t tip her off and ruin the surprise, you’ll also want to get a ring that she likes. This means you’ll need to do some detective work.


Think about the jewelry that she wears already. Consider her style and what she values. Try to remember what she’s said about other rings in the past. This can help steer you in the right direction.


For some more help, check out our guide to getting her the engagement ring that she really wants.


Keeping your proposal a secret is certainly possible and definitely worth it if you can pull it off. By following these tips, you’ll be able to surprise your loved one with a proposal story they’ll be telling for the rest of their life.

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