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Wedding Inspiration to Help You Plan a Dream Wedding

Wedding Inspiration to Help You Plan a Dream Wedding

Everybody wants to have a beautiful wedding. However, there are so many different styles out there that it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed by the options. That can make it tough to choose the theme, décor, and feel that is right for you. Here are some ways that you can find inspiration that will help you with planning your dream wedding.




There’s so shortage of wedding inspiration online. From blogs to social media, you’ll find tons of great ideas by searching the internet. If you see something you like, save it to your device or social network of choice. This will help you prepare a collection of great ideas that you can use to form the foundation of your wedding.


Friends Weddings


Was there something that one of your friends did at their wedding that impressed you? Consider adapting that idea to your own wedding. Of course, you may not want to do exactly what your friend did, but you can certainly use the idea as inspiration to create something that’s unique to you.


Movies and Television


Don’t just limit yourself to looking at other weddings when it comes to finding inspiration. Anything interesting or beautiful can be adapted to suit a wedding. Are there certain movies and TV shows that the two of you love? What about ones that you think have a great look and feel? See if you can take elements from them and incorporate them into your wedding somehow.




Most celebrities have incredible weddings. Of course, they also have ridiculous budgets. Trying to replicate a celebrity wedding exactly would bankrupt most “regular” people. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take some inspiration from their big day. Look at what some of your favourite celebrities and personalities have done and see how you can modify these concepts to suit your situation and your budget.


The Venue Itself


Your wedding or reception venue can be a great source of inspiration. For instance, if you’re celebrating in a historic building, consider theming the wedding around that time period. If your venue is modern and sleek, take cues from it when crafting your own event. Not only will using your venue to design your wedding look amazing, but it may also save you on décor. If you’re using structural and design elements from the wedding itself, you may not need to decorate as much.


Your Own Life


Think about your own life and the story of the two of you as a couple. What moments stand out? What sort of story does your relationship tell? Using aspects of your own lives and your own stories can help you create a wedding that is unique to you.


Your Likes and Dislikes


Following the above point, consider making your wedding more personal. Rather than picking a style that someone else has done or that you saw online, think about what matters the most to the two of you. If you can put some of your personalities and your likes into your wedding (and stay away from including things you personally dislike, no matter the pressure others may put on you), then you’ll be able to craft a wedding that isn’t just beautiful, but that you’ll both enjoy immensely.


Travel Destinations


Are there any travel destinations that the two of you particularly enjoyed? Are any locations especially meaningful to you? If there are, you can use them as inspiration. Consider the food, drinks, decorations, music, artwork, and all other aspects of the places on earth that mean the most to you. Then adapt these to suit your wedding.




Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things and new ideas. Your wedding doesn’t have to be exactly like the ones you saw on social media. Try something that really suits the two of you and your personalities.


Remember that your wedding is about the two of you and the love you share. There’s nothing that you “have to” do. While you may have your own traditions and your families may encourage you to do certain things, the reality is that it’s up to you. Take inspiration from all over the place and use this inspiration to create a wedding that is magical and meaningful to you.

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