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Why You Should Visit the National Bridal Show

Why You Should Visit the National Bridal Show

You’re engaged and it’s a magical time in your life. However, this time can also be stressful. Wedding-planning is very time consuming and there are so many different things to do. You’ll need to make so many choices and decisions that, quite frankly, it can be overwhelming. One great way to reduce your stress and make wedding planning easier is to visit a bridal show, such as the National Bridal Show in Toronto.


The National Bridal Show’s spring show takes place between February 3rd and 5th. It is the biggest bridal show in Canada and it features hundreds of different exhibitors. With this many different exhibitors under one roof, bridal shows are a very convenient way to learn about different options. You may even encounter a type of vendor at a bridal show that you never even thought of!


A Personal Touch


National Bridal Show Toronto - Engagement Rings - Damasci


A bridal show also lets you experience different vendors and products in person. While the internet is certainly a convenient way to browse for dresses, cakes, wedding rings, and more, you can’t get the same tangible feeling from viewing different options on a screen. When you visit a bridal show, you can touch the dresses to understand their quality, you can taste the cakes personally, and you can try on rings to find the perfect one for you.


This is an experience that you can’t get online and that can make a huge difference. You want to hear a band play before you choose them for your reception, don’t you?


Another benefit of attending a bridal show is that you can speak with vendors face-to-face. There’s definitely something to be said for having an in-person discussion with someone. You can find out more about their personality and you’ll have more time to converse, so you can ask them all of the important questions that you’ll really want to know.


For example, if you’re looking for wedding rings, you can talk directly to different Toronto jewelers. This will let you see how much the jeweler cares about your needs. Are they actually interested in speaking with you, answering your questions, and providing advice? Or are they just trying to push a sale? When you’re looking for jewelry such as wedding rings or engagement rings Toronto and beyond, the jeweler that you choose is important. You’ll want to work with someone who you can trust and who cares about you.


A quality vendor will be interested in you and your needs. Whether they’re supplying you with wedding rings, cake, dresses, décor, photos, music or make-up, they should ask you questions about your vision for your wedding and care about the information that you give them. A bridal show is a great way to weed out those vendors who aren’t interested in personal needs and who only care about snagging another client.


Easy Comparisons


National Bridal Show Toronto - Wedding Jewelry - Damasci


A bridal show also makes comparing different vendors easy. If you drive to one bakery on Saturday and then drive to another the following weekend, how much will you really remember about the cake you tasted last week? At a bridal show, you can taste several different cakes in a manner of minutes, making it very easy to compare their quality.


Plus, if you speak with one vendor and find out something new, it’s easy to go back to the other vendors that you just spoke with and ask them for additional information. For example, did one DJ just tell you that he offers a 10% discount if you book before a certain date? If that’s the case, you might want to find out if any other DJs offer similar deals. Without a bridal show, you’ll have to make several different phone calls to several different people to compare these details. At a bridal show? You can just walk a few stalls over and ask a question.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to visiting a bridal show, but it’s important to remember that not all shows are created equal. You only have so much time between now and your wedding, so you simply can’t visit each and every bridal show in Toronto, and there are a lot! You’ll have to choose the shows you visit wisely. If you can only visit one show, it makes sense to choose the National Bridal Show. It’s the largest in Canada and you’ll be able to speak with the greatest number and widest variety of vendors at this show.

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