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The Biggest Marriage Proposal Mistakes you can Make

The Biggest Marriage Proposal Mistakes you can Make

When you think about your dream engagement story, you probably don\'t think about anger, embarrassment, regret, and struggle, right? Proposing is a huge moment in your life, so you don\'t want to screw it up! Here are some of the biggest marriage proposal mistakes that people make and what you can do to avoid putting yourself in these situations. Trust us, avoiding these issues will make her happier and make your relationship stronger.

The Most Common Marriage Proposal Mistakes

As in every aspect of life, things can go wrong. However, you\'ll want to control whatever aspects of your proposal that you can. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Not having a ring
    • People want the ring. She wants the ring. And, perhaps equally important, other people will want to see the ring. If she tells her friends, family and coworkers that she\'s engaged, one of the first things they\'ll ask is to see the ring. Not having one makes the whole thing feel incomplete.
    • If you\'re worried about buying a ring, do some research first to make yourself feel more comfortable.
  • Proposing too early
    • We know that you love her. We know that she loves you. But is this the right time to propose? Have the two of you ever talked about marriage before, even casually? One of the worst feelings in the world is proposing and having her say no. Avoid this by making sure it\'s the right time.
  • Giving her what she doesn\'t want
    • It\'s crucial to think about her wishes when you\'re proposing. You may want to pop the question on the big screen at the football game, but would she enjoy that? If not, you could be in some trouble.
  • Letting it slip
    • We know it\'s tempting to tell your friends, her friends, and all of  your family members before you pop the question. You\'re excited. That\'s natural. However, if word gets to her before you actually ask, it could ruin the moment. Only tell those that you trust 100% and don\'t tell too many people. You\'ll have plenty of time to share the news with everyone after she says yes.
  • Freaking out
    • Despite the possibility of marriage proposal mistakes, always remember to not sweat the small stuff. Nothing is perfect and things can - and will - go wrong. Try to just go with it. Losing your cool and freaking out can ruin the moment. Remember that this is about being with the one you love and expressing how much this person means to you. When you keep your eye on that goal, you\'ll stay focused and you\'ll avoid freaking out about small issues.

It\'s always important to remember that an engagement is a personal moment between you and the person you love. Think about the two of you and what works for you. Don\'t feel the need to copy someone else\'s engagement. Come up with a unique plan, do some research to make sure that you get it right, and then go for it! Doing something that she really loves for your proposal will keep you from ending up on a future "marriage proposal mistakes" list.

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