What Makes Diamonds Sparkle

What Makes Diamonds Sparkle

One thing that makes a diamond stand out is its sparkle. And it's the sparkle of a diamond that makes people fall in love with them. So why do diamonds sparkle? You may have heard of the 4 Cs. If you haven't, they're Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Those four aspects are universal means of measuring the quality of a diamond. When it comes to making a diamond sparkle, the most important C to consider is cut.

The Cut of Diamonds

The cut is generally considered the most important factor when it comes to the appearance of a diamond and its sparkle. A well cut diamond has a better light performance, which is the overall appearance of the 
stone when viewed from the top. This makes it sparkle more and attract attention.  The cut of a diamond affects three key aspects of a diamond's appearance:
  • The dispersion of light (also called "fire") into various colors of the spectrum. This is visible to the eye as flares of color.
  • The brilliance of a diamond. This refers to the brightness of a diamond and how white light reflects from the surface as well as from the interior of the diamond.
  • The scintillation of the diamond, which is the flashes of light that happen when the diamond or its light source is moved. This is commonly known as the sparkle.
As you can see, how a diamond is cut has a big affect on its appearance and how much it sparkles. If you want a stone that dazzles and draws attention, you'll want to choose the best cut possible.A cut that is too deep or too shallow will result in uneven light distribution and a dispersion of light that will cause the diamond to lose sparkle. This means that even stones that have excellent color and clarity ratings can appear dull if they are not well cut. It also means that stones that have lower color and clarity ratings can still be appealing if they are well cut. At Damasci, people love our diamonds because of the quality of the cut. We only deal in four different cut grades:
  • Damasci Premium Cut: Only 1% of diamonds qualify for this grade. This highest quality cut cannot be improved upon and is the finest in the world.
  • Ideal Cut: These diamonds have excellent cuts and only 3% of all diamonds fall into this grade.
  • Very Good Cut: A very good cut diamond reflects almost as much light as an ideal cut, making it a very good value. About 15% of all diamonds fall into this category.
  • Good Cut: This cut represents 25% of all diamonds.
There are additional cut grades (such as fair cut, poor cut, etc.) but we prefer to deal with the four higher quality cuts listed above. This ensures that your diamonds will sparkle and always impress.

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