What Makes a Diamond Sparkle?

What Makes a Diamond Sparkle?

One of the most dazzling parts of a diamond engagement ring is when it sparkles in the light. This is an incredible way to catch someone’s eye and a true delight to everyone who views it. Above almost anything else, that sparkle is what people want from an engagement ring.


But why do diamond rings sparkle?


To explain this, it’s important to quickly go over the 4 Cs of diamonds. If you haven’t heard of these, the 4 Cs are color, cut, clarity and carat weight. For more information on these aspects of a diamond, please visit our diamond education center.


Out of these four aspects, the one that most influences how much a diamond sparkles is cut. To put it simply, the better the cut, the more the diamond will sparkle.


Why Better Cut Diamonds Sparkle More


When it comes to the classifying cut on a grading scale, cut refers more to the symmetry, polish and proportions of the diamond, rather than the style of cut (oval, round, pear, etc.).


A well-cut diamond has better light performance than one that has been poorly cut. This means that it will sparkle more. When a diamond has been cut properly, the proportions of the diamond allow light that enters the diamond to be returned out of the top, making it sparkle.


If a diamond is cut too shallow, light will be reflected out of the bottom instead. If it is cut too deep, light will come out from the side. In either of the cases, that means your diamond will not sparkle as much as a well-cut diamond.


The bottom line is that a stone can appeal dull if it isn’t cut well, even if the diamond has otherwise excellent color and clarity ratings. When looking at a large diamond (one that has a larger carat weight) that is poorly cut and a smaller diamond that is cut well, the diamond with the better cut will have more sparkle and be more pleasing to look at.


Diamond Cut Grades


Since the cut of a diamond greatly influences how much it will sparkle, it’s important to look at this factor when you are buying an engagement ring.


There are several cut grades possible on a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading report, including:


  • Ideal Cut (Excellent): Only 3% of diamonds fall into this category
  • Very Good Cut: Only 15% of diamonds can be classified as “very good cut”
  • Good Cut: The best 25% of diamonds fit into this category


At Damasci, we also offer our exclusive Damasci Premium Cut which is a superb cut that is the finest available. Only 1% of all cut diamonds fall into this exclusive category. These diamonds are the finest cuts in the world.


In addition, there are other cut grades which reflect less light and are not offered by Damasci due to their lack of quality, including:

  • Fair Cut
  • Poor Cut


Diamonds in these categories will not sparkle very much and are not very appealing to look at.


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